Filmic Experiences

Convivial has extensive experience in both digitally-born media and analog-to-digital workflows. All of our current productions are digitally-born, however, we often integrate and digitize analog media into our cinematic productions.

In the 1990's we participated in advanced technology research projects creating time-based media workflows innovating previsualization and storyboard narrative-based experiences. As technologies evolve we enter the current and maintain our sight by consistently navigating on story.

Our Current Film and Narrative Social Media Projects

New Visions/New Mexico Service Contract AwardOur Documentary Film, "Letter From Cloudcroft" is in current development: Convivial is pleased to announce our feature documentary "Letter From Cloudcroft" was selected by the San Francisco Film Society for fiscal sponsorship. We are in research, development and pre-production.

Cinema Activismo logoCinema ActivismoA social cinema platform for community engagement in the promotion of films & filmmakers who have something to say and to contribute. More...

Laguna Pueblo Digital Storytelling WorkshopsNew Visions / New Mexico Service Contract AwardConvivial's Digital Storytelling Workshops & Digital Media Mentorships, New Mexico Department of Film. More on our blog Story Sutras: Digital Storytelling.





"Constellation of Support"

Constellation photoConvivial develops original materials as well as promotes the films and media of filmmakers in our communities. We are part of "constellation of support." As independent filmmakers our support of each other creates a constellate where we shine with united radiance. We deeply appreciate all the support of our friends, family, clients, memberships communities and our sponsors.