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Convivial Design Studio, in Abiquiú New Mexico, is dedicated to the design and production of digital media for our communities and our clients.

Our interdisciplinary areas of expertise are: storytelling, interactive design, digital photography, digital video production and post and digital media education.

Our previous project constituencies include documentaries, community, non-profits, artists and artist groups, global education, cultural/historic entities, media archives, film festivals and capturing stories. Our studio goal is to provide quality services, information, assistance, education and support to artists, businesses and non-profit organizations to achieve their web presence goals.

We offer professional services of digital media content design and production distribution for multiple formats.

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Tabbed BiosAt Convivial we are experienced in all stages of documentary film development encompassing pre | pro | post production. We understand the breath and scope of involvement necessary to dig deep into documentary content, discovering core stories and building a narrative structure while extending story threads.

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