Photo of Shiprock, New Mexico

The Shiprock Experience

The Shiprock Experience, a rare immersive view of a unique place and its inhabitants inspired by The Mayors of Shiprock, a feature documentary, by Reel Indian Pictures about a young group of Navajo men and women transforming their long disenchanted community. The Shiprock Experience will include a traditional storytelling app and youth-oriented communication app/site that will assist youth in telling their stories and organize in making their community a better place.

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Tribeca All Access® (TAA) Interactive Award

The Shiprock Experience Project was selected for The Tribeca Film Institute’s (TFI) Tribeca All Access® (TAA) 2015 Interactive. Patricia Antelles and Melinda Hess are designing interactive prototypes that extend the documentary film, “The Mayors of Shiprock,” directed and written by Ramona Emerson and produced by Kelly Byars – both part of Reel Indian Pictures.

Tribeca Film Institute


Reel Indian Pictures is a native-owned and operated film and video production company located in albuquerque, new mexico. Their films tell real stories that inspire you to think beyond what you already know and embrace stories about the realities of life and the positive outlooks for tomorrow.