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POV Digital Lab

Incubator for Digital Storytelling – Filmmakers with developers creating interactive documentaries.

Interactive Native Stories Developed at Tribeca Hacks NDN Country | Vision Maker Media

In partnership with Vision Maker Media, Tribeca Film Institute®, the Institute of American Indian Arts, and New Mexico PBS, the Hackathon featured creative talent from across the U.S. in Santa Fe, N.M., and focused on Indigenous education, art, history, and environment.

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Art Card App

Art Cards is an Artist Profile and Studio Tour app designed and developed as a participant in the Cocoa Conspiracy Group.

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Tribeca Hacks: Hacking Archives

During “Tribeca Hacks,” held at San Francisco’s Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, teams created interactive storytelling projects based on documentaries integrating media elements to enhance stories from public archives.

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Cocoa Conspiracy Co-Coding App Design Group

A small group of developers, coders, enthusiasts that meet weekly. Cocoa Conspiracy founder Andrew Stone and other talented iOS friends run the iOS Workshops.

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CreateAthon NM is a 24-hour creative marathon where community volunteers come together to provide creative and tech services for NM nonprofits. #CreateAthonNM #DesignForGood #HackForChange

Tribeca Hacks

Tribeca Film Institute’s Tribeca Hacks is international series of intensive workshops that brings together content creators and technology specialists to increase understanding and broaden participation in the field of interactive storytelling.

Tribeca Hacks: Hacking Archives

As story designers, filmmaker, coders and team participants in “Tribeca Hacks,” held at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA), our team used Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker enhancing our video and audio with interactive content including related location-based maps with time-based triggered archival clips and photos. We completed an interactive popcorn projects based on a documentary film and pulling media from public domain archives. We demonstrated the ability to integrate on-the-fly Google maps with associated narrative audio clips, traversing through an illuminated letter while triggers overlay associated archival rich media content enhancing the storyline.

Our team also played with series of small interactive experiments including creating a gesture-based timeline, sound triggered associative repurposed archival media and location based data over narrative as well as interactive documentary interfaces. Our archival focus was on The Internet Archives and The Prelinger Archives with related memorabilia and ephemeral materials.

Constructed Memories – Uncovering Who We Are

These prototype pieces produced at Tribeca Hacks explored a series of small interactive experiences as part of a larger Transmedia project extending the relationship to uncovering stories and ephemeral memories. As a result of the hackathon designs we rethought our whole project as Constructed Memories – Uncovering Who We Are as a retroactive personal familial remembering played out in filmmaking, art exhibition and blended real and virtual interactive spaces. From immersive graphics and soundscapes to a place-based augmented mobile app, our story within a story is expanding the boundaries of interdisciplinary cross-media forms while telling a piece of Americana.

Nizhoni’s Kinaalda

Nizhoni’s Kinaalda is a storybook app targeted to a young audience that want to learn more about a Navajo girl’s coming of age ceremony. Nizhoni’s Kinaalda tells the story of a girl named Nizhoni who goes through her first puberty ceremony. Nizhoni is from an urban city and then goes back to the reservation for her ceremony. There she learns about the ceremony and is taught her language. A user will be able to interact with ceremonial objects by clicking on them and listen to the translations in the Dine’ language. Video content will also provide educational content about the ceremony.

Patricia Antelles

Technologist /New Media Interface Designer

Daniel Tullie - Navajo


Sage Galbraith - Muscogee Creek

Blackbox/Audio Engineer

Sara Broncho - Shoshone-Paiute/Hidatsa


Tamara Colaque - Jemez Pueblo